Your time matters to us. That’s why we’ve designed a brand new Member Portal to help you find the answers you’re looking for about your health care more quickly, in one spot, and in just a few clicks.

What is a Member Portal and why should I use it?

A Member Portal is a secure website designed just for you. It contains important information about your health plan and health care that’s easy to access from any device, even your mobile phone. Use the Member Portal when:

  • You are at your next health appointment and forgot your Member ID card. Pull up a digital copy of your card on the spot and request a new one be mailed to you if you can’t find yours.
  • You have a question about a claim. Review what the plan paid and what you might owe.
  • You need to change your contact information. Update your address, phone number, and email at anytime, online.
  • You want to find out what’s covered under your plan. Review your benefits and eligibility, including your plan’s effective date and when your coverage ends.

How can I register?

It’s easy, free, and fast to register. Visit and click on “Create My Member Account.”

I’ve logged into the Member Portal before. Do I need to create a new account?

Yes, all Members must create a new account to access the new Member Portal which has been redesigned with your needs in mind.

What if I need help registering or I can’t find something I’m looking for on the Portal?

Please contact Member Services at 1-800-434-2347, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. We are here to help.

You’re already online, so spend less time on the line waiting for the answers you need by registering for the Member Portal today.

We have launched a new secure portal for both Members and Providers! You will need to create a new account to access it. Register now!

Member Portal
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