HHSC is currently conducting an EVV electronic authorization pilot and would like to invite additional providers to participate. Providers can join or opt out of the pilot at any time. The goal of this pilot is to:

  • Reduce the number of data elements the provider is required to enter into the EVV system
  • Determine if the electronic authorization process can replace the manual entry of EVV authorizations
  • Monitor the timeliness and accuracy of EVV authorizations received from managed care organizations and the Health and Human Services Commission
  • Validate the electronic authorization process and determine what enhancements are necessary prior to full statewide implementation
  • Reduce the administrative burden placed on provider agencies

As a participant in the electronic authorization pilot, you will:

  • Continue to manually enter the authorization data received from the MCO or HHSC
  • Receive an alert in Vesta if the manual entry of the authorization data or data element does not match the electronic authorization data received from the MCO or HHSC
  • Conduct a side-by-side comparison of the manually entered data and the electronic authorization data
  • Decide whether to accept or reject the changes received electronically

Provider agencies interested in participating in the pilot should contact DataLogic for assistance.

For questions regarding this email, please contact HHSC EVV Operations

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