Effective April 1, the EVV Mobile Application pilot will change from a pilot to a standard option for service providers and their attendants. The mobile application will become the HHSC preferred method to clock in and clock out of the EVV system when service delivery begins and ends.

The benefits of using the EVV mobile application include:

  • Increased auto-verification of visits.
  • Reduction of visit maintenance.
  • Fast and easy clock in and clock out by the attendant.
  • Limited data entry required by the attendant.
  • Can be used in the community and does not require a manual visit entry.
  • Only records the location when the attendant clocks in and clocks out and does not track the attendant during the visit.
  • Free and quick installation of the mobile application.
  • Application requires minimal data usage (estimated at less than two megabytes per month).
  • Does not use minutes from the attendant’s mobile phone plan.
  • No protected health information is stored on the application.

More information regarding mobile application policies will be forthcoming.

Please contact DataLogic at info@vestaevv.com to receive training and to begin using the EVV mobile application.

For questions regarding this alert, please contact HHSC EVV Operations.

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