On August 28, 2020, Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership (TMHP) made improvements to the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Portal and TexMedConnect. TMHP has created a demonstration of the EVV Portal changes and updated the related training materials.

EVV Portal Updates

TMHP has updated the EVV Claims Search tab as follows:

  • EVV Match Code Dropdown Menu
    • The EVV08-Natural Disaster code has been added to the claims match results. Texas Health and Human Services (HHS) will assign the EVV08 code to ZIP codes that are affected by a natural disaster. HHS will notify program providers if EVV08 will be used for a disaster.
  • New ZIP Code Columns
    • A Member ZIP code column and a Provider ZIP Code column have been added to the search results. The new columns can be used to confirm whether a ZIP code that should have received an EVV08 was entered incorrectly on the claim.
  • Export Data to Excel Option
    • The new ZIP Code columns have also been added to the exported results.

My Account and TexMedConnect Updates

TMHP has updated My Account and TexMedConnect as follows:

  • My Account has added the ability for administrators to modify permissions for eligibility verification.
    • Managed Care Organization (MCO) Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) providers can now verify eligibility. Users must ask their account administrator for eligibility verification access.
  • TexMedConnect added three new links to the left-hand navigation menu: Eligibility, Client Group List, and Eligibility Verification Batch History.
    • These new features allow MCO LTSS providers to view client eligibility information and run eligibility batch reports.

EVV Training Material Updates

Users can see a new demonstration of the EVV Portal changes listed above in the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Portal: August Updates Demo on the TMHP Learning Management System (LMS).

The following training materials have also been updated to include the EVV Portal and TexMedConnect changes:

Users must have a user name and password to access training materials on the TMHP LMS. The register for the LMS, please visit the TMHP LMS homepage.

For more information, please email evv@tmhp.com.

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