Effective April 24, 2020, TMHP has updated the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Portal. Improvements have been made to EVV Portal Batch Results, EVV Portal Standard Reports, and EVV training materials.

EVV Portal Standard Report Improvements

• EVV Portal users can now get batch reports. Batch reports allow users to request, view, and export large amounts of report data. When using the “Reports” link, users will see the following new features:

• A checkbox to select all of the NPIs/APIs that are associated with the user account. Selecting the checkbox will generate a batch report. Batch reports will also be generated when there are more than 10,000 results for a report.

• The “Batch Results” link on the left-hand navigation menu that opens the batch reports page.

• The option in the “Export Format” drop-down menu to create the report in CSV, Excel, or PDF format.

• An instructions section that explains how EVV Batch Results are produced.

• All of the references to “EVV Vendor Name” on portal screens and reports have been changed to “EVV System Name.”

• The EVV Usage Report can now be run for a single month.

New EVV Portal ‘Batch Results’ Page

When a user generates a batch report and clicks the “Batch Results” link in the left navigation menu:

• The “Batch Results” page will display a grid that lists all of the requested reports and their statuses. The grid includes the following columns:

• Source—Where the report originated from

• Report/Search Name—The EVV Standard Report search name

• Report/Search Criteria—The filters used to generate the report

• Export Format—The file export type (i.e., Excel, PDF, or CSV)

• Date Requested—The time and date on which the report was requested

• Status—The current status of report (i.e., pending, complete, or failed)

• Link—A link for the user to download a copy of the completed report

• Date Complete—The time and date on which the report was completed

• Remove—Allows the user to delete the batch result. If the user doesn’t

delete the batch result, the results will be automatically deleted 60 days

after it was created.

• Reports that were generated by selecting the “All NPIs/APIs” checkbox will

include a filter in the header called “All Associated APIs/NPIs.”

Training Material—New Releases and Updates

The following EVV training materials about batch reports are available on the

TMHP Learning Management System (LMS):

• New: EVV Portal: April Technology Updates Demonstration recording

• Updated: EVV Portal Standard Reports and Search Tools Job Aids

• Updated: Computer-Based Training (CBT) Module 5: EVV Portal Standard Reports and Search Tools

Users must have a user name and password to access training materials on the LMS. Click here to register for the LMS.

For more information, contact evv@tmhp.com.

You can find the original announcement here. 

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