Community First Health Plans is now partnering with DispatchHealth to bring same-day, acute medical care to patients’ homes for urgent illnesses and injuries that do not demand an ER visit.

This in-network service is only available for select Members who have received an authorization and have been identified as meeting certain criteria established by Community First.

About DispatchHealth

Although nothing can replace the care you provide for your patients, DispatchHealth works with you to extend your reach after hours, on weekends, on holidays, or during capacity constraints. They can provide prompt medical intervention for your patients, thoroughly document the visit, and send clinical notes directly back to you, something that a standard urgent care likely does not provide.

Dispatch Health’s integrated care delivery solution helps improve access to medical care by extending the capabilities of your team and striving to deliver a better patient experience, prevent unnecessary visits to the ER, and help reduce the total cost of care.

Treatment Capabilities

DispatchHealth treats a wide range of common to complex illnesses and injuries. DispatchHealth medical kits contain nearly all of the tools and technologies typically found in a traditional ER. Medical teams are ready to perform a variety of advanced tests and treatments including on-scene laboratory testing, a 12-lead EKG, IV fluids, and more.

Provider and Patient Follow-Up

DispatchHealth documents each patient visit and sends clinical documentation back to you within 48 hours of the visit. Additionally, DispatchHealth follows up with your patients within three days of their visit and refers them back to you for additional care, as needed.

Authorization Request

Should you have a patient that you think could benefit from these services due to their frequent emergency room visits for non-emergent matters, please submit an authorization request to Community First. The request will then be evaluated for medical necessity. For more information, please contact your Provider Representative or call Provider Services at (210) 358-6294.

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