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At Community First, our mission is to not only improve the health outcomes of our Members, but also the overall health of our community. We understand that health care is more than just doctors’ visits. That’s why we are proud to partner with non-profit and charitable organizations that wholeheartedly support the unique needs of our diverse community…our familia.
A portion of all Community First’s proceeds goes directly towards improving the community we are a part of. We are proud of the impact our contributions have made over the years.
Find out where we are focusing our philanthropic efforts and learn more about the organizations we support.



We are invested in supporting educators, improving student performance, and encouraging diversity in our schools. We believe that students from all backgrounds deserve a quality education, including access to opportunities and technology that can help lead them toward a bright future.


Improving transportation in our community promotes economic development and improves the overall quality of life as it contributes to the overall safety of individuals and provides access to healthcare appointments.


Food Insecurity & Disaster Relief

1 in 7 of our fellow Texans don’t always know where their next meal is coming from. We are dedicated to helping end food insecurity experienced by so many in our community. We also support organizations that provide for families in the event of an emergency, natural disaster, or crisis.


Housing has been found to improve health outcomes and decrease health care costs. Increasing stability with proper housing provides positive impacts on mental health and physical health.


Community First Food Pantries

Our Community First Food Pantries are designed to provide members of our community who are facing food insecurity essential non-perishable items in accessible and trusted locations throughout San Antonio and surrounding counties.

Need Assistance?

Use our Findhelp site to search for resources in your area that may offer reduced or no-cost services such as food, housing, job training, and more. 

Community First Scholarship Consideration

We believe in the value of higher education and are dedicated to providing opportunities for children and young adults to succeed. If your organization is interested in establishing a scholarship program, we may be able to provide funding and support.

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Beginning September 1, 2024 Community First Health Plans, Inc. will be adding STAR+PLUS to its line of health care products.

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