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Empowering Pathways

A family of Scholarship Programs

At Community First Health Plans, we believe in the strength and potential of our Members of all ages, backgrounds, and diversities.

We also understand that higher education and career training can be expensive and may seem out of reach for many. Let us help deliver the funding and resources you need on your pathway to a new career, financial stability, and a better future for yourself and your family.

STAR Kids SMART Room Scholarship

EMPOWERING PATHWAYS: STAR Kids SMART Room Scholarship is an applicant-based scholarship for
Community First Health Plans STAR Kids Members. This scholarship is a part of EMPOWERING PATHWAYS, a family of scholarship programs established by Community First.

The selected SMART Room Scholarship recipient will receive a bedroom makeover, transforming their current room into a SMART Room – a safe, comfortable, personalized space containing features that the Member needs to
safely live with their illness or disability.

How To Apply

STAR Kids SMART Room Scholarship applications are closed at this time. 


Maternity Scholarship

EMPOWERING PATHWAYS: Maternal Scholarship Program is a scholarship program for Community First Members who are currently pregnant.

This program was created to provide mothers access to career training to learn and grow while pregnant; and funding for education and the opportunity for a full-time job in the health care industry after delivery.

How To Apply

Maternal Scholarship Program applications are closed at this time.

Review the scholarship materials below for more information.


Entrepreneur Scholarship

EMPOWERING PATHWAYS: Entrepreneur Scholarship Program is a scholarship program for Community First Members interested in starting or growing their small business.

This program will provide you with the knowledge and support to build the strong foundation necessary to operate successfully within the ever-changing business environment, including one-on-one advisement, access to education, and more.

How To Apply

Entrepreneur scholarship applications are closed at this time.


We’re here to help. Email or call (210) 358-6055 for more information. 

Beginning September 1, 2024 Community First Health Plans, Inc. will be adding STAR+PLUS to its line of health care products.

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