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Healthier You!

Member Activities designed to help you on the path toward a Healthier You!

Participate in our new Healthier You! Zumba Activity now through June 7 and win prizes!

Community First Healthier You! Member Activities are designed to help all Community First Members and their families enjoy free, fun ways to improve their health and wellness.

Participate in our Healthier You! Member Activity: ZUMBA!

1. Attend three virtual and/or in-person FREE Zumba classes. Find a class here.

2. Take a selfie at each Zumba class you attend. (If you attend virtually, take a photo of your computer screen.)

3. Fill out the Healthier You! Submission Form and attach your three selfies/screenshots.

4. Earn a Bento Box or Yoga Mat, plus a set of measuring cups.

Participate April 8 through June 7, 2024! Questions? Email

Healthier You! Rewards

Healthier You! rewards Community First Members who make healthy choices. Participate in our Zumba Member Activity, and we’ll reward you with a free Bento Box or Yoga Mat, as well as a set of measuring cups for all participants. Just follow the steps above and complete the
Healthier You! Submission Form.

Value-Added Services

Some Community First Members may be eligible for free fitness giveaways after attending in-person or virtual Zumba classes.
Limitations and restrictions apply. See if you’re eligible and learn more by clicking below.ย 


Refer to these healthy tip sheets to help keep your family healthy and safe.


    Exercise – The Key to Good Health

    ยป ENG | SPN


    Quick Tips – Staying Active in Hot Weather

    ยป ENG | SPN


    Fitness – Getting Around Barriers to Exercise

    ยป ENG | SPN

    Hereโ€™s what Members had to say about past Healthier You! Member activities:

    โ€œI really loved the fact that I [could participate in the] comfort of my own home. And due to the fact that I was going through spine issues, I was able to go at my own pace and modify movements as needed. It was very fun as well and helped me lose some weight. Thank you for offering these classes.โ€

    Lizett O.
    Zumba Member Activity


    โ€œ[I got my flu shot] for my daughter due in December. It was worth the sore arm!โ€

    Brianda C.
    Flu Fighter Member Activityย 

    โ€œ[I got my flu shot because] everyone deserves to stay healthy!โ€

    Everett P.
    Flu Fighter Member Activityย 

    Beginning September 1, 2024 Community First Health Plans, Inc. will be adding STAR+PLUS to its line of health care products.

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