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Healthy Eating on a Budget

At Community First Health Plans, we understand that daily life and finances can impact the foods that feed your family. There are many resources that can guide you in planning a food budget to spend smart and eat smart.

Now more than ever, choosing and eating healthy foods can feel like a challenge when you are on a fixed income or have a hard time paying for them. Find inexpensive recipes based on current dietary guidelines and get started on a journey for a healthy family!

Here are some budget friendly tips you can follow on your next grocery run:

  • Look for store coupons. Coupons are a perfect way to save money on products you already plan to buy.
  • Consider store brands. Store named products tend to cost less than name brand competitors.
  • Meal Prep. Meal Prep allows you to use what you need and freeze the rest in portion sized packaged for later.
  • Don’t impulse buy at checkout. Candy and snack foods are commonly placed near the checkout to create temptations.

Find more tips on eating healthy and which foods are budget friendly

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