Provider Educational Sessions


Welcome, Providers!

We are committed to supporting our Providers by providing needed support, information, easy access to tools and resources, and more.

Please use this page to register for our virtual educational sessions designed to help orientate you with Community First. Learn about the Provider Portal, our processes, procedures, and the latest news and updates.

These sessions are required for all new Community First Providers, but they are also a great opportunity for both our existing Providers and their office staff to learn more about Community First.


Educational Sessions

Provider Onboarding orientation

Learn how to conduct business with Community First. Topics covered include the following :

  • A brief history of our roots in the community and overall mission
  • Service area
  • Membership and the health plans we offer
  • Benefit programs
  • TX Health Steps
  • Provider responsibilities
  • Authorizations and claims
  • Provider resources

Provider Forum

A monthly overview of important news and updates relevant to Community First Providers, including any changes, updates, or notifications that could impact your practice. Topics include: 

  • Provider email newsletter
  • Provider news
  • Provider notifications

Provider Portal

Learn how you can get the most out of your Provider Portal, including a basic overview of the following:

  • Accessing and logging into the Portal
  • Navigation and functionality
  • Claim status search
  • Claim and eligibility look up
  • Claim appeal submission form
  • Troubleshooting common issues

    Long Term Services and Support/EVV

    An overview of the STAR Kids program, Long Term Support Services STAR Kids Members depend on, and Electronic Visit Verification for Providers who utilize these services. Topics covered include:

    • STAR Kids eligibility and expectations
    • STAR Kids covered benefits
    • STAR Kids Value Added Services
    • STAR Kids waivers
    • STAR Kids Service Coordination
    • Authorizations
    • EVV
    • Provider enrollment & credentialing
    • Claim filing, appeals, EFT
    • Cultural competency

    Provider Education Registration

    Community First Providers are required to attend Provider Onboarding sessions after joining our network.
    Providers can register for these sessions by filling out the form below.

    Please note that provider onboarding sessions are taken sequentially. 

    Provider Onboarding
    Learn how to conduct business with Community First.
    Provider Forum
    Monthly overview of any news and updates.
    Provider Portal Overview
    Basic overview of the functions contained within the portal.
    LTSS/EVV Overview
    An overview of the STAR Kids program, Long Term Support Services, and Electronic Visit Verification.

    Member Portal
    Provider Portal