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Our little ones can have big feelings! A new school year, a new grade, possibly a new school? These are all situations that can bring out those big feelingsall kinds of feelings. It might be a good idea to add positive self-talk, AKA daily affirmations, to your children’s routine—and maybe yours, too. This simple practice doesn’t cost a penny and can inspire your children to feel better about themselves and start the day off on an uplifting, happy note. 

Brain Science Supports Affirmations

Daily affirmations may seem silly to those who have never used this mental strategy. However,  many psychologists and neuroscientists agree that using this type of positive self-talk can help children build confidence, reinforce their sense of self-worth, and provide them with courage to meet new challenges at school and other new, unfamiliar settings.

Uplifting affirmations can help your child believe in, motivate, and even comfort themselves. They can shape their feelings about their place in theworld and add to their sense of belonging.

Daily Affirmations Your Kids Can Use

Ideally, you can begin by saying them with your child before school, in a mirror, or on the way to school – anytime, at the same time, each morning. Here are a few popular daily affirmations you can start with.

  1. I am loved. This straightforward message may be the most powerful affirmation of all, because reminding a child that someone loves them can give them strength to deal with negative feelings. 
  2. I can learn new things. What better message than this to start a new year of school? Of course, with each year of school, our children get introduced to new and harder concepts. No matter the challenges, it’s always a learning process. 
  3. I ask for help when I need it. This helps children know that it is okay and even expected to ask for help when they are struggling or just unable to do something by themselves. We all need a little help sometimes. 
  4. I am (awesome/kind/funny/smart/strong/brave)! At different times throughout the year, our littles may need support in remembering what they are good at or encouraging them to believe the best of themselves. Maybe they got chosen last for the team; maybe they helped out a classmate. Take whatever they are feeling or even feedback from their teachers to customize this confidence-building “I am” statement. 
  5. Today is going to be a good/better/wonderful day. Say it; believe it; make it happen. 

After a while, or when something big and new happens, you can add new affirmations, based on what’s going on in your lives. Encourage your kids to make up affirmations of their own or help them with it.

Affirmation Inspiration

If you have spent any time on social media or YouTube, you have probably seen one of these adorable children saying their daily affirmations. They are as heartwarming as they are popular (viral, even). If you or your children want to see excellent daily affirmations in action, watch these videos that won the internet to inspire your own affirmations.

6. Jessica’s Daily Affirmations went viral in 2010 and may be the first viral kiddo daily affirmations video ever. It stars a cute, curly-haired girl starting her day with words of self-love and positivity. With 23 million views, she stole the heart of the internet and encouraged us all to follow her lead. 

7. Morning Motivations: Dad and Daughter Affirmations inspired an “Awwwww” heard ‘round the world with this super sweet dad and daughter duo starting their day with encouraging affirmations. 

8. The Affirmations Song from Doggyland’s Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes by Snoop Dogg is the latest viral affirmations video. In this catchy song, this kids’ show teaches children (and adults) what affirmations are, how they can help us, and gives us some new affirmations to add to our line-up.

9.Sesame Street: Sings “What I Am” is a great option for affirmations for kids who love music and love to sing. Black Eyed Peas singer and solo artist and producer,, sang some wonderful affirmations with some of his Muppet friends, like Elmo, Zoe, Abby, Grover, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster. The words of the song are a great anthem for self-talk and affirmations.

10.1-Minute Morning Affirmations for Kids by Music with Ms. Moretta suggests even more positive daily affirmations your child can listen to and repeat.

Did you see any affirmations here that inspired you? We hope so! Jumping into a new school year can be equally intense for children and parents as we hurry around, trying to get everyone ready for the days ahead. Add daily affirmations, a highly recommended, science-backed, uplifting habitto your parent toolbox to help teach your children the power they have over their own thoughts. 

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