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Program providers, financial management services agencies (FMSAs), and Consumer Directed Services (CDS) employers who are transitioning to HHAeXchange, are responsible for completing all required visit maintenance, including Visit Maintenance Unlock Requests (VMURs), in their current EVV vendor system, DataLogic/Vesta or First Data/AuthentiCare by December 22, 2023.

Any visits for dates of service on or after the program providers, FMSAs, or CDS employers’ go-live date with HHAeXchange will be captured and maintained in the HHAeXchange system.

Submit VMURs by December 11, 2023:  EVV users must submit their VMURs by Dec. 11, 2023. A VMUR allows program providers, FMSAs, and CDS employers the opportunity to correct data element(s) on an EVV visit transaction(s) after the visit maintenance time frame of 95 days (from the date of service delivery) has expired.

Reminder To Complete Visit Maintenance by December 22, 2023:  DataLogic/Vesta and First Data/AuthentiCare will be available for visit maintenance until Dec. 22, 2023. Therefore, program providers, FMSAs and CDS employers are encouraged to immediately start working on visit maintenance for manual, pending, or rejected visit(s) before they lose access.

Completing Visit Maintenance after December 22 for Visits prior to Go-Live Date with HHAeXchange: A notice with instructions on how to complete visit maintenance after Dec. 22, 2023, for visits originally captured in the Vesta and AuthentiCare systems, will be sent out later this month.


Next steps for Providers: 

Providers should share this communication with their staff.


Email or call 210-358-6294.

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Beginning September 1, 2024 Community First Health Plans, Inc. will be adding STAR+PLUS to its line of health care products.

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