Provider agencies transitioning from the MEDsys EVV system to the DataLogic Vesta EVV system will be required to make adjustments in the data collection process used by employees when logging visits in the home.

Call In or Out Toll Free Numbers

The toll free numbers used by provider agencies to call in or out of the MEDsys VinCENT EVV system are not available for transition to the Vesta EVV system.

However, from within the Vesta EVV system, agencies and employees will be able to generate and print a weekly Employee Visit Plan to assist with the transition process. This plan provides the employee’s schedule for the week and lists the toll free phone number and other important information necessary to call in and out of the Vesta EVV system.

To see an example of the Employee Visit Plan, visit the Vesta EVV site

SADs Replacement Orders

DataLogic has pre-ordered enough small alternative devices for all of the transitioning providers and will deliver the devices in bulk based on the number requested by each provider.

After the initial SAD delivery, providers will order additional SADs using the Vesta EVV eSAD process, replacing paper and eliminating the need for individual or member signatures.

For questions regarding the Employee Visit Plan and the SAD replacement orders contact DataLogic Customer Support at 844-880-2400 or by email.

For questions regarding this message, please contact HHSC EVV Operations.

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