Effective September 1st, Managed care-only LTSS program providers must submit EVV claims to TMHP through the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with an LTSS Submitter ID.

Technical information, updated TMHP EDI Companion Guides, and frequently asked questions are available to assist LTSS program providers.

Technical Information

  • Detailed information about submitting claims to TMHP, including claims with a third-party submitter, is available in the Aug. 16 article posted on TMHP’s EVV website

Updated Companion Guides

  • Refer to the EDI Companion Guides webpage of the TMHP website
  • For LTSS EVV-relevant claim submission guidelines, reference the 837P Acute Care Companion Guide, 837I Acute Care Companion Guide, and 277 Claims Acknowledgement (277CA) Companion Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Refer to the FAQs posted on Aug. 16 on the TMHP EVV website for more information about submitting LTSS EVV-relevant claims directly to TMHP

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