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The Texas Health and Human Services Commission is reminding Medicaid recipients who received renewal packets in April to return their information to the agency to avoid potential gaps in coverage if they are still eligible.

To ensure all Medicaid recipients who received renewal packets in April have at least 30 days to respond, as required by federal guidelines, HHSC has extended the deadline to return renewal packets from May 8 to May 15.

HHSC is staggering Medicaid redeterminations over multiple months, prioritizing redeterminations for those most likely to no longer qualify for Medicaid. HHSC is informing recipients by mail or electronically when it is their time to renew. HHSC is mailing all Medicaid renewal notices in a yellow envelope that says “Action Required” in red. HHSC is also sending electronic notices to recipients who have a Your Texas Benefits account and opted to go paperless.

Have questions or need help with your renewal? Visit or call 210-227-2347 for over-the-phone or in-person help.

⚠❗ Attention Community First Members! The COVID-19 Public Health Emergency has ended. All Medicaid and CHIP Members must renew their coverage to keep receiving benefits.

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