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Community First Health Plans is now accepting referrals for Familiar Faces, a new program for high utilizers of inpatient and emergency department Behavioral Health Services. Familiar Faces is proposed by the UT Health Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and is a collaboration between Community First Medicaid, UT Health, and housing vendors working with UT Health.

Familiar Faces is an in-network program that is only available for select Members who have been identified as meeting specific criteria established by Community First Health Plans.


Familiar Faces is a value-based program open to Members ages 16-70 in all lines of business with severe behavioral health conditions and frequent hospital and/or emergency department utilization.

The core of the program is an evidence-based treatment called Cognitive Adaptation Training (CAT). CAT has been proven to reduce hospitalization, improve medication adherence, and, most importantly, improve functional outcomes for individuals with serious mental illness.

CAT uses environmental supports such as signs, checklists, specialized medication containers, technology, and the organization of belongings to bypass cognitive and motivational problems and to cue and sequence adaptive behavior in the home and work environment. CAT providers assess the following:

  • Goal-directed behavior
  • Environment (to determine whether they have needed supplies and where they are placed)
  • Cognitive ability


A clinical care worker/provider trained in care management, behavioral interventions, and evidence-based coping techniques visits the home of the Member on a regular basis to help identify the unique reason(s) the Member continues to use the hospital so frequently. The provider helps the individual to find alternative ways of getting their needs met, including:

  • a focus on adherence or injectable medication,
  • new housing options,
  • regular primary care or specialty appointments to address issues, and/or
  • forming new connections in the community.

The Provider assists the Member with transportation to psychiatric and medical follow-up appointments and arranges in-home medical care from visiting physicians whenever possible. The provider also works with the Member on medication acceptance, follow-through, and provides CAT strategies to help them compensate for cognitive and motivational problems.


If you have a patient who you believe may benefit from Familiar Faces, please contact:

Jennifer Balderas, Director of Behavioral Health


Phone: (210)-420-8410

Beginning September 1, 2024 Community First Health Plans, Inc. will be adding STAR+PLUS to its line of health care products.

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