Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership (TMHP) has selected two Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) vendors on behalf of the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC): DataLogic Software Inc. and First Data Government Solutions.

Beginning January 6, 2020, program providers and financial management services agencies (FMSAs) can select one of the two EVV vendors and begin the onboarding process by completing and submitting the EVV Provider Onboarding form, located on each EVV vendor’s website.

EVV Vendor Information:

EVV Vendor EVV Vendor System Website Telephone Number Email Address
DataLogic Software Inc. Vesta EVV  844-880-2400 info@vestaevv.com
First Data Government Solutions AuthentiCare EVV 877-829-2002 AuthentiCareTXSupport@firstdata.com

Program providers and FMSAs are encouraged to research both vendors before making a selection. For example, program providers and FMSAs are encouraged to learn about the vendor clock in and clock out methods, visit maintenance process, and training options.

Program providers currently using DataLogic’s Vesta EVV system are not required to take any action if they choose to continue using the Vesta EVV system. Action is only required if program providers currently using DataLogic’s Vesta EVV system wish to transfer to First Data Government Solutions’ AuthentiCare EVV system.

Program providers and FMSAs will also have the option to purchase or develop an EVV proprietary system instead of selecting an EVV vendor. Additional information is available on the HHSC EVV Proprietary Systems webpage.

For more information about EVV vendor selection, visit the TMHP EVV Vendors page, where a Selecting an EVV Vendor infographic is available. The HHSC EVV Vendor Selection Policy and the HHSC EVV Vendor Transfer Policy (effective January 1, 2020) are available on the HHSC website.

 More information about the onboarding process will be available on the TMHP EVV websiteHHSC EVV website, and MCO websites. 

Email TMHP at EVV@tmhp.com if you have questions about EVV vendor selection.

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