Texas Health and Human Services (HHS) recently shared guidance related to Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) maintenance and training requirements. Consumer Directed Services (CDS) employers may delegate the performance of EVV maintenance to Financial Management Service Agencies (FMSAs). Additionally, CDS employers and FMSAs must complete EVV System Training before using the EVV system.

EVV Visit Maintenance

Visit maintenance is the process for making corrections to clock-in and clock-out information in the EVV system to accurately reflect the delivery of services. For example: A CDS employer or Designated Representative (DR) (or their FMSA) must perform visit maintenance if an employee clocks in through the EVV system at the beginning of a shift but forgets to clock out at the end of the shift. In this case, the CDS employer, DR or FMSA would add the clock-out time and adjust the time worked in the EVV system. All required visit maintenance must be completed before the FMSA submits an EVV claim for payment.

A CDS employer or DR must choose to perform visit maintenance in the EVV system or delegate the performance of EVV visit maintenance to the FMSA. If a CDS employer or DR chooses to delegate visit maintenance to the FMSA, the CDS employer must:

  • Confirm in the EVV system the CDS employer’s or DR’s approval of any changes made by the FMSA as part of visit maintenance, OR
  • Have the FMSA confirm in the EVV system the CDS employer’s or DR’s approval of any changes.

A CDS employer must document their decisions about visit maintenance on Form 1722, Employer’s Selection for Electronic Visit Verification Responsibilities. The form has been revised to reflect the options that the CDS employer chooses from regarding visit maintenance.

For more information, please see EVV Requirements for CDS Employers and Designated Representatives (PDF).

EVV Training Requirements 

Before using the EVV system:

  • FMSAs and CDS employers are required to complete EVV System Training.
  • A FMSA or CDS employer cannot access the EVV system until the required EVV System Training has been completed.

By December 1, 2020:

  • FMSAs are required to complete the EVV Portal Training and EVV Policy Training.
  • CDS employers are required to complete the EVV Policy Training.

For detailed information about EVV training requirements, please see EVV Training Requirements Checklists (PDF)

Additional Information 

For questions about EVV, visit maintenance or training requirements, please email Electronic_Visit_Verification@hhsc.state.tx.us or CDS@hhsc.state.tx.us

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