Youth who age out of foster care in Texas at age 18 or older, and who were receiving federally funded Medicaid when they aged out, are eligible to receive Medicaid until age 26 through Former Foster Care Children Medicaid. This is due to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Youth are automatically enrolled in FFCC Medicaid when they age out the Department of Family and Protective
Services’ care.

All Medicaid recipients, including youth formerly in foster care, must renew their Medicaid eligibility once every 12 months. This is a federal requirement. Unfortunately, youth sometimes lose their FFCC Medicaid coverage because they don’t complete their annual renewal requirements. To ensure continuous Medicaid coverage until age 26 youth must:

  1. Provide their current mailing address to HHSC.
    If HHSC receives returned mail and cannot locate the youth, the youth’s Medicaid benefits will be denied. Youth can report their address change to HHSC in the following ways:
    • Online through
    • Via the Your Texas Benefits mobile app
    • By calling 2-1-1
    • In person at a local eligibility office
    • In writing by mail or fax
  1. Respond to requests for information from HHSC.
    To maintain FFCC Medicaid coverage, HHSC must verify that the youth is a Texas resident and the youth’s current immigration status if applicable. If HHSC requests verification for either of these eligibility criteria and the request is ignored, the youth’s Medicaid will be denied.

Other Tips for Maintaining Continuous Medicaid Coverage

  • If youth have questions about their FFCC Medicaid, they can call 2-1-1 and ask to speak to a FFCC Medicaid Specialist.
  • After transitioning from DFPS’ care, youth are encouraged to set up their own online and mobile accounts. Get directions for setting up an account.
    • By setting up an online account, youth can apply for benefits, upload requested documents, and elect to receive electronic notices. If youth receive electronic notices, they can also opt to receive a text or email reminder letting them know a notice was posted in their account.
  • If youth have lost their FFCC Medicaid coverage, they can reapply using Form H1205 Texas Streamlined Application or Form H1010 Texas Works Application for Assistance -Your Texas Benefits. Youth can apply through their online account or can get an application. Submit applications:
    • By mail or fax
    • Online through
    • By calling 2-1-1 and applying over the phone with a telephonic signature.
  • Youth can follow HHSC’s Facebook ( or Twitter (@TexasHHSC) accounts and the DFPS Youth Take Flight Instagram (@youthtakeflight) account to receive important announcements.

Direct questions about FFCC Medicaid policy to Youth should call 2-1-1 and ask to speak to a FFCC Medicaid Specialist if they have questions about their benefits.

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