To streamline the Small Alternative Device installation process, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission has approved providers placing SADs in the home without an HHSC approved Electronic Visit Verification Vendor zip tie.

Effective June 1, 2018, each provider agency must continue to place or install the SAD in the individual or member’s home but may choose whether or not to utilize the HHSC approved EVV Vendor zip tie.

Provider agencies must work with the individual or member to determine the best method for placing the SAD in the home. If an individual or member disagrees with the agency policy on installing a SAD with or without a zip tie, the provider agency must document the issue in the individual or member’s case file, and use the individual or member’s preferred method.

The SAD must be in the home at all times. If the SAD does not remain in the home at all times, visits may be subject to recoupment and a Medicaid Fraud referral may be made to the Office of Inspector General.

Please contact HHSC EVV Operations at for questions regarding this email.

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